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A truly heartfelt “thank you” to every single one of you who made PhileFest the most amazing exclusively X-Files event EVER. The amount of love and friendship from the guests and the fans could not be missed. It was a truly once-in-a-lifetime event and we’re truly grateful for everyone that was a part of it.

Archived News

  • Bree Sharp Concert
    Bree Sharp Concert

    On Friday Night, PhileFest welcomes Bree Sharp! The singer and performer is behind the iconic and classic song “David Duchovny” in which she asks the question “Why won’t you love me?” The musical stylings of Bree Sharp are sure to be a fun-filled event to help kick off PhileFest.

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  • Tom Braidwood
    Tom Braidwood

    Introducing Tom Braidwood, a versatile Canadian actor who has made his mark on both the big and small screens. Born on September 27, 1948, he hails from British Columbia, Canada, where his passion for acting and filmmaking began to flourish. Tom’s name might instantly bring to mind his involvement in the legendary sci-fi series “The…

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  • William B. Davis
    William B. Davis

    William B. Davis is a remarkable Canadian actor whose talents have illuminated screens both large and small. Born on January 13, 1938, he originates from Toronto, Canada, and his captivating journey in the world of entertainment began to unfold.While his name might immediately evoke his iconic role as the enigmatic Cigarette Smoking Man in the…

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  • Melinda McGraw
    Melinda McGraw

    Melinda McGraw is a talented American actress whose captivating performances have graced screens both large and small. She embarked on her acting journey in Nicosia, Cyprus, and her passion for the craft has since taken her to remarkable heights. While Melinda might be recognized for her notable roles in various TV series, including “The X-Files,”…

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